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I'm a 42 Year Old Fully Trained Sexual Massage Therapist, Masterbatrix, Cum Draining Temptress! (English Rose) and love to make people feel good. Why not enjoy a truly relaxing treatment taking your aches and strains away then see what develops?

About me

  Dudley, United Kingdom
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Gender Female
Orientation Bi-sexual
Age 42
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Dress Size 14
Height 5'5"
Chest Size 34" E Natural
Hair Colour Brown Short
Eye Colour Brown
Pubic Hair Shaved Completely



I'm a 42 Year Old Fully Trained Sexual Massage Therapist, Masterbatrix, Cum Draining Temptress! (English Rose) and love to make people feel good. Why not enjoy a truly relaxing treatment taking your aches and strains away then see what develops?

My Sensualize sessions last for 1 Hour and I charge £100 I can offer longer which will be by negotiation and based upon what additional time/services you require.

To best describe a Sensualize treatment: Upon arrival you can shower (if you wish too) then undress and lay face down on my comfortable massage table, I will then use warm massage oil to treat you to a 45 minute sensual legs bum, back and shoulders massage easing your aches and strains but maintaining your desire for more!

I’ll then ask for you to turn over and will then spend the remainder of our session using my skills to relieve your sexual tensions using mouth, hands and breasts to bring you to a most agreeable conclusion! The entire Sensualize session lasts for 1 Hour and you’re more than welcome to shower and freshen up before you leave.

I'm a lovely introduction into the pleasures of shared experiences and can happily massage you into a most relaxed state or indeed share my naughtiest thoughts with you.

The outcome I'm sure you'll enjoy, a secret indulgence away from the tensions derived from the lack of physical/sensual contact.

If you desire any further additions (fantasy’s role play, mild fetish’s etc.) then we can discuss this once you arrive.

❤ Sensualize Teaser Sessions 30 Minutes of BLISS £80 ❤

❤ Sensualize Treatment 1 Hour of BLISS £100 ❤

❤ Sensualize Treatment 1 Hour of BLISS To Include Additional (At My Discretion) £120 ❤

❤ Sensualize Treatment 90 Minutes of BLISS £140 ❤

I'm located in central Stourbridge (luxury discrete studio with parking outside) and only do in-calls. I'm available Monday to Saturday from 10am till 7pm!

I Only Offer My Sensualize Services To Men & Woman Aged 30 Years And Above!




Look forward to hearing from you!

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m a 42-year-old fully trained massage therapist and teacher of massage born in South London. I spent time in Asia studying all forms of massage and become qualified in Thailand.

I love to make people feel good, to feel relaxed and offer an unforgettable distraction from life’s stresses and strains. I was introduced to the exciting world of swinging quite a few years ago and have enjoyed some truly amazing encounters with both men and woman and of course groups of men and woman.

It opened me up sexually and I have never looked back, it’s my combined love of massage and sex that inspired me to create Sensualize a way of combining my skills and sharing them with you.

I’m more than happy to let you drift off into a deeply relaxed place while I massage warm oil into your naked body, on the other hand if you wish I’m also more than happy to share my fantasy’s (and real life encounters) with you combining my considerable skills physically with my very naughty mind, quite an additive combination.

Looking forward to meeting and Sensualizing you soon.

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

My luxury Sensualize Studio is based in Central Stourbridge discreet and with ample free 1hr parking directly outside (Tesco’s offers 2hrs free parking close by).

As you enter my studio in Stourbridge it’s serene quiet and very comfortable. I encourage a shower to freshen then ask you to lay naked face downwards on my lambswool covered massage table. I begin my Sensualize massage working warm massage oil into the calf’s and up towards the thighs, feeling the knots and working them gradually away I spend time around the sensitive area at the rear of the kneecap. By now your relaxed yet slightly tentative as my hands and warm oil works its way higher towards your buttocks. This is the area that traditional massage and being Sensualized take on very different paths! I begin working my oil into the buttocks slowly edging down between the folds gently massaging the crotch area, my fingers reach out feeling your balls and base of cock which by now is becoming quite hard. Working my warm oil so gently into the crotch teasing the base of the cock shaft has a wonderful effect on your overall state of sexual arousal. As I manoeuvre my way around the massage table the fact that I’m probably wearing a very short skirt fishnet hold-up stockings and no panties only adds to your overall sense of arousal.

I begin moving away from the sensitive crotch area as by now your most probably squirming around, your hard on becoming quite uncomfortable so now you feel the need to arch your back to enable it to have more room to move. I massage your back and move up to the shoulder area, my pussy by this stage will be quite moist! Often I can sense you wishing to touch me, I openly encourage this. You quite possibly might begin by touching and stroking the tops of my thighs and my peachy bottom but once you realize I’m not wearing panties my shaven haven often gets touched. Now things start to get interesting! I invite my you to turn over and quite often this will give your erection much needed air to spring upwards and rest hard pointing towards your tummy.

I then begin massaging my warm oil into the shins knees and thighs watching intently as your cock begins dancing desperate for attention. The time I spend working the thigh and crotch area might be seen as somewhat torturous but it’s all part of the build-up the period just before I get to work on your cock and balls. As I get closer and closer to your cock I'm sure you'll enjoy touching my thighs and smooth-shaven pussy. Now your nearing a point between desperation for cock attention and denial it’s a fine line between the two extremes. I then begin to work my magic on your very needy and often very hard cock. I begin by covering your cock and balls in warm oil, the sensations as the oil is worked into your hard cock shaft and balls is a joy to witness.

I pull your foreskin back fully exposing the swollen cock mushroom and slowly using my fingers begin edging the sensitive area just below the edge of the mushroom I also begin gently massaging the Frenulum (the banjo string) using a combination of circular and up and down motions. The combined effects are quite dramatic! Sexual arousal is a wonderful subject and I love the build-up the period before any ‘frantic’ activity occurs it’s during this period that I feel very much in control and can measure how well (or not) you are managing. Pre-cum begins to ooze from the open pee-slit as the effects of my edging increases arousal by such a factor that you are now rapidly approaching an explosive orgasm. ❤ ❤ ❤

My pussy will be wet now, the combination of getting you sexually lathered up and working my warm massage oil into your cock has quite a profound effect on my own level of sexual arousal. It’s at this stage that the Sensualize session can go in two different directions! You can savoir my very wet pussy if you so desire I charge £100 for my 1hr Sensualize Session but for an additional £20 I’m more than happy to move to my very comfy pull out sofa-bed and straddle your face or lay back whilst you lap away on my sexed-up quim. I’m also only too keen to take your hard cock in my mouth and savoir your pre-cum on route to your pent-up seed being spent as and how you wish? I love being fucked (protected) so this can also be enjoyed (and often is).

You can choose to remain comfortably on the massage table and enjoy me taking your state of arousal to its much needed completion, as silly as this might sound I never push myself on you each person is very different and each has his (occasionally hers) boundaries which I never wish to compromise. I always offer various endings, for those happy to indulge in my basic Sensualize Session I’m more than happy for you to spunk all over my tits and if preferred I’ll kneel before you whilst you wank off over my angelic face! (quite a popular destination) I also enjoy you cumming in my mouth it’s rude it’s dirty but I enjoy it and know so many of you love the feeling of letting go in a wanton woman’s mouth! I also enjoy edging your cock taking longer in the very slow at times excruciatingly slow process of building up by maintaining a grip at the base of the cock whilst I tease the Frenulum (the banjo string) with fingers and tongue until the clear pre-cum is replaced by the creamy blasts of pent-up spunk shooting out from the open pee-slit!

Being Sensualized is a journey which takes you from the outside world into a truly self-indulgent place I so enjoy being a part of. Laying naked my skilled hands massaging warm oil into your body your mind will be transported to a most relaxed and aroused state in equal measures.

I’m happy to allow my naughty mind to engage with yours and together I’m sure we will experience the true Sensualize factor as and when you are ready.

Looking forward to meeting and Sensualizing you soon.

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

I’m Very Experienced in the ‘Art’ Of Edging! For Those of You Not Familiar with This It’s a Skill That Utilizes a Masturbation Technique I use once I have your cock nice and hard. I then hold back your foreskin at the base exposing your swollen cock mushroom and then begin to work my fingers and tongue on the sensitive area at the underneath your cock head (or mushroom) I then begin working your frenulum (the elastic band of tissue under the glans that connects the foreskin (prepuce) to the vernal mucosa, and helps contract the foreskin over the glans) I Then Take You To The Very ‘Edge’ Of Sexual Orgasm And Withdraw Several Times Before Allowing You To Achieve Orgasm! This Process Increases the Intensity Of Your Orgasm And So Often The Volume Of Your Ejaculate! It’s the Increased Sensitivity & Increased Blood Flow In Your Genitals That Makes For A Much More Dramatic Orgasm! The Very Strong Psychological Aspect of Wanting What You Can’t Have. The Effect Of Prolonging The Plateau Of Arousal Is An Art Form I Excel In And Feel Confident That You Too Will Enjoy Being ‘Edged’ During Your Sensualize Session.

Juliexxx❤ ❤ ❤

I offer a very special Sensualize range of ‘Services’ for my valued regular clients (sorry Sensualize Bespoke is not available to new clients). The most popular Sensualize Bespoke ‘service’ is my Couples Indulgence Experience which involves me Sensualizing both male and female resulting in an experience you and your partner will deeply enjoy and quite possibly never forget. Being an experienced swinger (sexually indulging with other couples) I’m very experienced in helping couples who have never indulged sexually with another woman before. I also have other Sensualize Bespoke Experiences Such as My Sensualize BBC (Big Black Cock) Indulgence & Sensualize Bi-Sexual Indulgence Experiences to savoir and enjoy!

Please be aware that all of these Sensualize Bespoke Experiences are only available to my most valued regular clients and not people I have never met before or those I may have Sensualized over a year ago! I will need to speak with your female partner ‘if’ indeed you are looking to arrange a Sensualize Couples Indulgence Experience. I know a lot of you guys fantasize about indulging your wife/girlfriend/partner but I only deal in reality hence why these ‘Services’ are only available to regular clients and only once I have spoken to your ‘other-half’. For all you genuine regular clients reading this I’m sure you’ll understand, for everyone else I’m sorry but I won’t be able to help you!

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

Quite often I’m contacted by people who have yet to experience any form of massage, especially one which involves intimate contact.

I’m very intuitive and can sense when a new client feels tense or nervous not knowing quite what to expect when I welcome them into my studio.

Everyone is different, some are very eager (to say the least) whilst others take longer to reach a stage where by they feel at ease and can truly enjoy being Sensualized.

I pride myself in being able to make your visit a memorable one, regardless of your level of expectation or desire.

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

Unleashing My Sexy Mind

I live a very sexually indulgent life! My business life is Sensualize and my personal life is often spent in the company of long-term sexual swinger friends. I have enjoyed just about every sexual fantasy I have ever yearned for and experienced quite a few I had never imagined!

I do enjoy unleashing my sexy mind and if you’re a devotee of utter filth then I’m sure that you and I will get along perfectly! Having said as much I would like to say that I’m very aware that everyone is different when it comes to indulging and being indulged sexually. I say this because I see clients who for them I might just be their first visit to a sexual service provider and as such a more gentle introduction to the delights of unleashing one’s filthy thoughts and fantasy’s is not something that is necessary something they would expect, and I can respect this and Sensualize accordingly.

Julie xxx ❤ ❤ ❤




What is your starsign? Leo July 23 - Aug 23
What is your Primary Language? English
What is your Secondary Language? The Language of Love
What is your favourite colour? Blue
Who is your favourite celebrity? Sean Connery
What is your best feature? Smile
What three words best describe your personality? Easy To Love
What is your favourite food? Chocolate
What is your favourite drink? Flavored Water
What is your favourite film? Braveheart
What is your favourite TV programme? Holby City
What are your favourite flowers? Sun Flowers
What is your favourite perfume? Jean Paul Gaultier
What is your favourite gift? Time
What is your favourite holiday destination? Brugge
What is your ethnicity? Caucasian (White)
What is the colour of your eyes? Brown
What is the colour of your hair? Brown
What length is your hair? Short
How tall are you? 5'5"
How much do you weigh? 10st
What is your leg measurement? 29"
What is your shoe size? 5
What is your dress size? 14
What size is your chest? 34"
What is your waist measurement? 36"
What is your hips measurement? 36"
What is your bra cup-size? E
Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural
How is your pubic hair fashioned? Shaved Completely
Do you smoke? No
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Tattoos
If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they Discrete
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public? I slipped over on ice outside an Ann Summers Shop my bag split open and displayed a large vibrator to the people who came to my rescue!
What sort of men turn you on? Those with sexy minds!
What sort of women turn you on? Those with Sexy Minds!
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? Being a part of an orgy involving couples and single men on a huge bed within a sex club!
What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) To have 6 men cum over my face at once in a sex club!
Where would you most like to have sex? On a desert Island!
What is your favourite sexual position? 69!
What is your second favourite sexual position? Legs over a mans shoulders whilst being penatrated
What is your biggest turn on? A persons dirty mind and ability to share it with me!
The most sensitive part of my anatomy is? My clitoris!
Describe the experience (when and where) At my boyfriends house in London, after we had been heavy petting I decided to suck his cock (first time for me) he nearly spunked in my mouth but held back long enough to fuck me for the very first time!
What is your favourite sexual fantasy? I would like to experience a Black woman with huge tits who I could lick all over and have her use her hard nipples to stimulate my juicy wet clitoris with!
How often do you masturbate? Never!
What sexual activity do you enjoy the most? 69!
When is your libido at its highest? Most days!


Oral without Protection
CIM (at discretion)
Swallow (at discretion)
Oral without (at discretion)
French Kissing (discretion)
Receiving Oral
Foot Worship
Penetration (Protected)
Hand Relief


The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).



Stourbridge West Midlands, Dudley, United Kingdom
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