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About me

  AdultWork rating: 3208

Gender Female
Orientation Bi-curious
Ethnicity Caucasian (White)
Dress Size 10
Height 5'11"
Chest Size 32" E Natural
Eye Colour Green
Pubic Hair Shaved Completely


⭐Award winning 1st place Content Creator 2021⭐Filthy movies 60+❤️Squirt & pee❤️Anal❤️Taboo❤️Genuine girl who loves being a slut❤️Instant play in our show together❤️


Hi gents,
Firstly, thanks for stopping by my profile & checking me out. My name is Scarlett! I’m a latex & nylon addict. The shine, the fit, the smell just does it for me!
I am 5ft 11ins, with a mane of red curls & porcelain white skin. I spend way too much at the gym & it keeps me super toned, with 32E boobs, a tight ass, & long legs to match! Trust me, I will have your cock throbbing in an instant

I'm a genuine girl that happens to be a total slut! I really get off knowing that you are watching me, especially when I give you jerk off instructions. It’s such a turn on to know you have cum because of me!

I am told my eyes are intoxicating, with the best personality, a filthy mouth & the most perverted sick mind to match. I like this description of me alot 😈

Listing every kink that I do in my cam room sounds so tediously mechanical, because I love everything! Nothing offends me & there is no judgment in my room.

What I can tell you is I am a natural switch. I really get off being a submissive. I Love following your orders, you taking control of my mind & body. Fucking my ass hard gagging on your cock, watersports & being your good girl slut. It makes me wet just thinking about it.

I also adore my dominant side & I will have you worshipping me, begging me to peg your sissy ass. Verbally abusing you & your pin dick, making you eat your own cum all comes so naturally to me. If you are a cuckold, oh do come to my room!

Yes, I can be a sweet, innocent, fun loving girl. But be warned, there is a depraved dark side to me too. There are NO LIMITS to my fantasy taboo. The darker the roleplay/taboo the better I like it.

I have such a high sex drive, I love to watch porn & cum together, what girl wouldn’t?


Head over to my free chat & say hello, I do love a good banter & get to know each other.
No matter how long our time together is, our experience will keep you wanting more & more. I promise!

**I am also a Brand Ambassador for Adultwork Australia**

>>> MY CAM ROOM <<<

I genuinely have a very high speed fiber connection, with multiple HD cameras around my cam studio. Picture quality is very important to me!

⭐You you get to see "all parts" of me close up!
⭐You can have me all over my studio, chair, floor, or my bed

I have so many sex toys in my studio & I'm often told its better than walking into a sex shop! I have lost count of the number of dildo's, vibrators, & butt plugs & gags I have! My Sybian machine & my tranny are also very popular!

I have so much latex, nylon, lingerie . You will be spoilt for choice! I do love my dress up outfits too!

Don't forget to check out my special offers for savings on my shows!


**You will usually find me on line most evenings from around 9pm & early mornings. If you would like to book a specfic session time, please contact me. X

Add me to your HOTLIST so you have me forever!


Did you know you can control my toys from wherever you are in the universe!
All you need to do is download the Lovense app & create a profile for free. I can then add you & give you full control of my pussy & ass.

The thought of you giving me multiple orgasms or denying me excites me a lot. I have the Lush 3 egg vibrator, Hush butt plug, & the Domi 2 wand vibrator Lets tape it to my thigh, so it sits right on my clit & I can’t move 😈


It is our personal call together, just you and I. 💑
Anything goes with this latex goddess so call me & lets chat & play.

I hope you enjoy reading some of my testimonials so you can get to know me.

I had never ventured into the world of kink until I found LR’s profile.
I was intrigued and from the very first look and when I heard her voice
I was hooked. She is naughty and will have you longing for more and
it’s impossible to not feel satisfied after a session. Once you see her
phenomenal figure and her incredible assets she will leave you wanting
more and more. Another thing she has in her locker is her infectious
giggle. Treat her right and she’ll reward you xxx

Start with ten stars out of five.
I feel that nearing the year of being looked after by this beauty that I update the "Why Me" for her. I have been a regular in free view, group and private all with a joyous welcome from Latex Rapture for however long our chats or sessions have been.
Every session has resulted in my super satisfaction without ever repeating a scenario - lead by Latex Rapture or myself with the display of her wonderous body. So so erotic actions both in latex or out - with or without toys from her bed of fantasies of pumps, dildos and so many other options that it will take me years of pleasure to view all of the range in use.
Latex Rapture gave me an absolutely fantastic birthday session a month ago that is still happily vivid in my memory.
Thank you from your Enthralled Jack in UK XOXOX

I had seen LRs profile for weeks and I was intrigued by how mysterious
and fantastically gorgeous she looked but I was also scared because I
wrongly imagined she was a strict dominatrix who probably hated men!
How wrong I was.........
I took the plunge and clicked on her webcam and it was the best thing I
have ever done on AW.
She is the most genuinely welcoming and friendly lady I have ever known.
She has a great personality and has the ability to make you feel
comfortable in revealing your desires and fetishes to her which she
takes on board with relish. There is nothing which she doesn't enjoy and
her intelligence and wicked mind will blow yours as she does mine.
Her outfits and the technical set up she has are unbelievable and I have
never seen such a fabulous array of sexy latex, stockings, suspenders,
toys and unusual stimulants. WOW
She comes from my part of the world and is like the girl next door who
you dream of. Her demeanour is always welcoming and you think you are
her only man which is the best trait I can think of when imagining
yourself in her company. Oh for a real scene with her!!!
I could go on and on but suffice to say you will never regret your
decision to do what I did. CLICK and COLLECT.

Where do I start!
I scrolled onto Latex Rapture one evening and it was a connection from
the start! I usually need to see what a woman looks like to have fun on
here, but not with her.
She does something to the soul. Makes you feel like you /we have known
each other for ever.
Always have a great time and I can't wait till the next time!!

Latex rapture! One of a kind. This lady is the most genuine and
beautiful princess I know, so friendly, easy to talk to, totally
adorable and makes you feel so comfortable and confident when your
chatting with her.
Apart from being incredibly gorgeous and 100% sexy, latex rapture will
soon become a lady that you'll never forget and can never see enough of.
I can still remember the first time I watched her and always look
forward to seeing her again and again.

What can I say about LR that hasn't already been said? She's always the
first person I look for when I come on, has a great sense of humour and
I love the banter as much as the fucking! The only downside is her
accent makes me get homesick!:-)
The best girl on AW, you'll never be disappointed"

Latex Rapture is the genuine fetish goddess, with an intelligence to
carry off both sub and dom sessions. Reinforced with highly sexy outfits
which support her natural sexiness and naughtiness. We always have such
a strong erotic connection, supported by our mutual understanding. This
makes our varied role play sessions on cam deeply satisfying for me and
I believe also for Latex Rapture.
Why wait any longer, by reading this experience the excellence that
Latex Rapture is. I intend to continue experiencing more and stretch
both our sexual role play fantasies. Who knows, maybe this will lead to
a real experience!

Miss Latex Rapture is engaging and has a genuine personality. Kinky and
so easy to talk too an that giggle! Oh yeah, she's also breathtakingly
beautiful. Almost certainly the best cam girl on here. I cannot
recommend enough.

I had never ventured into the world of kink until I found LR’s profile.
I was intrigued and from the very first look and when I heard her voice
I was hooked. She is naughty and will have you longing for more and
it’s impossible to not feel satisfied after a session. Once you see her
phenomenal figure and her incredible assets she will leave you wanting
more and more. Another thing she has in her locker is her infectious
giggle. Treat her right and she’ll reward you xxx

Latex Rapture, where do I begin? Well let's start at the beginning.....
I first discovered this lovely lady earlier in the year (2020). On
viewing her profile for the first time I thought, is she a dominatrix?
Is she a porn star? Or is she just an Australian sexy tease? So I took
the plunge and had a free cam moment with her. We'll all I thought was
I couldn't resist, I was going to have to go private. After just a very
short time you feel like you have known LR forever, the connection and
electricity this lady gives out is sublime.
To sum this delicious lady up, she is everything you could ever want,
Kinky, Bubbly, Sexy, a body to die for ( she obviously works out
regularly) Oh and that sexy northern accent and giggle.
Latex Rapture also puts so much professionalism and effort into her cam
sessions, the picture quality is superb, 3 cameras, lighting, sound
quality etc etc.
Mmmmmm Latex Rapture, sugar and spice and all things naughty wrapped in
barbed wire with a marzipan topping.

This is one sexy lady she is always up for trying something new and always
puts her all into it. Have had some great shows with her where she enjoys
giving her pussy a good hard fuck, she always enjoys this.
Latex rapture also she had many sides, depends which one you wish to explore,
I try to explore many with her which gives me a great satisfaction all
in all this sexy lady is such great fun to cam with.
Wicked personality, always fun and smiling. Always welcomes you in free
preview for a good chat!

Latex Rapture is a lovely lady of sophistication who oozes sex appeal in
so many ways. She will enrapture with her voice, words and actions in
such a way any troubles you may have are soon forgotten, you will
experience a feeling of serenity and stimulation which will lead you to
new heights of ecstasy.

Latex Rapture is a delight, fantastic personality, sexy and easy to get
on with. An Amazonian lady clad in her latex and ready to devour you,
consume your every breath and there is nothing you can do to escape her
and why would you?
She welcomes you in free preview and always take time to chat and see
how you are. It's nice to be able to come and say hello without the
pressure of having to bring credits with you for pvt! Infectious giggle,
engaging and a wicked sense of humour.
She is simply addictive, the best!

Where do I start? Extremely friendly and obviously a gorgeous girl, we often have
little email chats when either of us are too busy to spend time together, feels like
chatting to a friend or girlfriend! Latex Rapture is very approachable and makes me
feel so welcome and at home weather we pvt or not . There’s definitely an element
of ‘girl next door ‘ rather than fake stuck up models ha ha.

I suppose I should mention the pvt side of things too. This girl goes above and beyond in private.
She is great at roleplay, being a sub, or just being the hot girl next door.
She is very willing to please, very happy and giggly the whole time. Amazing looks and body , I bet they’ve never disappointed anyone.

Big welcoming eyes , welcoming conversation and outfits to die for, also extremely well
equipped in the chest department. Extremely classy girl to say the least.
Typical lady in the street but demon in bed as they say. You won’t regret chatting to her ...or maybe more!

Wow what a sexy lady.
Absolutely fantastic body, with or without the latex! Always full of
sexy chat and encouragement. I go places I didn't think I would go with
this sexy lady. Highly recommended.

The whole cam experience delivered by Latex Rapture is by far the best
I've sampled on AW. Every time we chat, she is so easy to connect with
and has always gone that extra mile to provide beyond my expectations
and shows how dedicated she is to her craft. A genuine and considerate
fetish expert that will not leave anyone disappointed.

I was very lucky to find Latex Rapture on one of her visits to the United Kingdom side of Adult Work.
As with one of the other contributors to "Why Me" her name is catchy but misleading.
This beauty is SO much more than latex and even surpasses the rapture name. One session with this listening,
interesting, vocal, animated, smiling and yes, very sexy woman, put me into the rapture heights thank you.
BUT a second visit/session leaves me in a higher state of enthrallment with this wonderful apparition.
Not only have we had some wonderful sessions but also correspondence through e-mail around personality rather than requests for more expenditure,
I look forward to the next e-mail as much as the next session with Latex Rapture.
Your Enthralled Jack of UK

Latex Rapture is a truly exceptional cam girl who stands out as a more
professional, fun and engaged performer than almost any other. As you
can see from her galleries, she has a phenomenal figure and an amazing
array of outfits (and toys too, for that matter!). In technical terms
she has probably the best setup around with her 3 high-resolution
cameras to give you the best view of everything she does. But all that
pales in comparison with her as a person. She's a naturally happy, fun
and friendly girl with an infectious naughtiness. In what must be the
most memorable cam session I've had, she took on every task I gave her
enthusiastically and was clearly getting just as turned on as me. She's
instinctively sensual and sexy and moves with an elegance and sheer
horniness that gets me incredibly hard. And on top of all this, we
always have a great laugh and she makes me feel great. I have voted for
her as best cam model in the Australian Adult Entertainment Awards and
you should too

Asking for a kink can sometimes be awkward, not so with Latex Rapture.
This lady is all class, so easy to talk to and puts you at ease
instantly, and from there she'll go out of her way to make your time
with her as enjoyable as possible.
You get the impression she genuinely enjoys everything she does and
wants the same from every connection she makes.
If latex is your thing you CANNOT go past this lady! Here you will not
find cheap PVC and/or badly fitting nasty rubber, it's all high end
amazing latex that she makes look incredible.
Always great to catch her even if briefly in free chat where she's
always happy to talk. I really can't say enough about this exquisite
creature, I am hooked.

When I first entered Latex Raptures room I was blown away by her beauty
and her amazing outfits.
However she is so much more than that.
She is incredibly welcoming, with a truly lovely smile and demeanor.
She's bright and engaging across a whole range of subjects and makes you
feel at home immediately. She is genuinely a delightful lady, and so
easy to strike up a connection with, something that is rarely the case
on AW.
I feel so lucky to have taken the time to get to know her on so many
levels, and look forward to spending much more time together.

A lucky pop into Latex Rapture's room and an unbelievable time was
spent, not only with a beautiful and sexy lady, but a true gem of a
person. A truly memorable person, who was genuine and fun! I was
surprised to see then an email pop up, having a friendly chat. Not a
call to come back to see her for more credits, just a genuine chatty
email that you'd have with a friend. A month down the line and it's just
a growing, the conversation is still there, whether I have visited or
not- this lady is all about connections and building relationships.
Utterly unique and genuine and I look forward to her emails almost as
much as I do her green light being on!

I normally filter on search to UK only, thank god I didn't on an
occasion a few weeks back and I accidentally stumbled across this beauty
based in Australia.
After a bit of chat box flirting I realised there was something a bit
special about this lady. She really connects with you and has a wicked
sense of humour.
At first I was unsure about the mask, but it kind of adds to the whole
mysterious sexy side of this lady. She makes an effort to get to know
you and is warm and welcoming into her room which by the way has the
best camera set up I've seen on here, and all this is just in free
In pvt she is amazing, she really enjoys the experience and doesn't come
across as fake like some of the ladies on this site. Combine this with
an amazing figure, boobs and collection of outfits, I'd say she is
pretty much the perfect cam girl.

Latex Rapture is perfection, she is flawless and without fault.
She has charm, wit, intelligence and oozes sensuality and naughtiness!
This incredibly erotic and sexy woman doesn’t just tick every box - she
wrote the check list!!!
If you haven’t had the chance to speak or engage with this heavenly
delight then you should do right now!! She will ensure you keep you
coming back for more - if rapture was a drug she would be pure ecstasy!!
And I would move heaven and earth to have her all to myself!!

To choose the name Latex Rapture could be giving a hostage to fortune,
after all rapture is a high standard, but this name is wrong for another
reason, it is too specific. Unfortunately 'Everything Rapture' doesn't
have the same kinky ring to it, but indeed everything that she does and
is, is just wonderful. Her body is toned and lean, her mind is attentive
and keen, her kink is lively and mean.
 There is no end to the joy and rapture that contact with her brings,
her sincere interest in you, her playful demeanour, her filthy mind
combined with her genteel lady like manner. All is perfect. There is a
God in heaven, or a Devil in the underworld!
Would be Gentleman

I can honestly say that the reason I keep coming back is the connection
that I get from Latex Rapture. She is sexy as all hell, with a killer
body and lacking in inhibitions and up for trying a lot... but, I keep
coming back because she makes me feel like we know each other and is
able to convey an experience that I can get as lost in as if she were
stood in front of me. I feel stimulated by her in every sense of the
word. Beautifully addictive.

Well where do I start?? Latex Rapture is such a wonderful person; she
has great personality, very friendly, easy to get on with, and above all
else, is such fun and has a wicked sense of humour. It’s as if we have
known each other for years!
Her cam sessions are absolutely fantastic, but VERY addictive! She
absolutely loves wearing latex, looks fantastic in whatever she wears;
and has a naughty side to her, especially in private... I will let you
find out for yourselves, but one things for sure... you’ll not regret
spending some time with this genuine, sexy, latex wearing vixen.
p.s. she has a few wicked toys and tricks up her sleeve... especially
the pussy pump.

Latex Rapture is an amazing lady, always looks so stunning in a
different latex outfit each day, always makes sure to please. Always
warm and engaging with pure filth in our sessions.
It's not about her trying to lure you into pvt and take your credits all
the time. She is always happy to say hello and catch up in free preview.
Great personality, wicked sense of humour and intimate connection. A
lively soul. Feel like I have known her years!

I find it really mechanical listing what I offer in a Group show and what I offer in a Private show

I want our time together to be a moment you will never forget!
So head to my free chat, and lets talk about our show together and take it from there. Whether it be group or private, we decide that together 👼

Remember, I love everything! Nothing offends me & there is no judgment in my room.

⭐⭐ My Latex & Nylon collection ⭐⭐

I have 3 wardrobes of custom made latex which includes

⭐Neck entry and zipped catsuits and corsets
⭐Dresses, skirts, blouses, body suits
⭐Active wear, hoods and gloves
⭐Lingerie and stockings
⭐Sub and Domme outfits
⭐Uniforms, school girl, nurse, french maid
⭐Trench coat

My Nylon collection includes
⭐Body stockings
⭐Stay ups

I also have

⭐Thigh boots, fetish boots, high heels, trainers
⭐Leather, Fishnet, Lycra, Nylon outfits, Wetsuit
⭐Huge range of Honey Birdette lingerie and swimwear
⭐Nylons, stockings suspender belts and more

⭐⭐ My Toy Collection ⭐⭐

⭐Tranny with tits and cock
⭐Hitachi wands & vibrators
⭐Remote controlled lovense lush 3, hush butt plug, nora rabbit vibrator
⭐Dildos, inflatable toys
⭐Strap on & silicone ass
⭐Butt plugs, anal beads
⭐Gas masks, surgical & latex gloves
⭐Nipple clamps, nipple pump
⭐Pussy pump & clit pump
⭐Bondage rope, chains
⭐Neck collar & lead
⭐Paddle, riding crop, flogger
⭐O-ring, ball gags & harness gag, spider gag
⭐Wrist & ankle latex restraints & spreader bar




What is your starsign? Leo July 23 - Aug 23
What is your Primary Language? English
How would you describe your non-binary gender? NA
What is your favourite colour? Red
Who is your favourite celebrity? Alexander Skarsgård
What is your best feature? Body
What is your worst feature? Feet
What three words best describe your personality? Fiery, Mysterious, seductive, captivating
What is your favourite food? Pickled onion
What is your favourite drink? Shiraz
What is your favourite film? Pretty Woman
What is your favourite TV programme? Blacklist
What are your favourite flowers? Sunflower
What is your favourite perfume? Dior
What is your favourite gift? Anything that sparkles
What is your favourite holiday destination? India
What is your ethnicity? Caucasian (White)
What is the colour of your eyes? Green
What length is your hair? Long
How would you describe your body type? Athletic
How tall are you? 5'11"
How much do you weigh? 9st
What is your leg measurement? 34"
What is your shoe size? 6.5
What is your dress size? 10
What size is your chest? 32"
What is your waist measurement? 26"
What is your hips measurement? 32"
What is your bra cup-size? E
How would you describe the size of your breasts? Large
Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural
How is your pubic hair fashioned? Shaved Completely
Do you smoke? No
Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Neither
If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they NA
Will you do overnight bookings? NA
How long are you prepared to travel for? NA
What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you in public? Too many to list
What sort of men turn you on? Men with good personalities
What sort of women turn you on? Athletic, toned, submissive
What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had? Hit on by a hot Russian woman on my birthday at a nightclub. What a night it was
What is the most outrageous thing that you’ve done sexually (be honest!) Too many to list. Ask me in session
Where would you most like to have sex? In public
What is your favourite sexual position? Love all
What is your second favourite sexual position? Love all
What is your biggest turn on? Latex and anything kinky
The most sensitive part of my anatomy is? My nipples
What is your favourite sexual fantasy? Girl on girl while you watch
How often do you masturbate? Not often enough
What sexual activity do you enjoy the most? Anything kinky
When is your libido at its highest? When I''m in pvt


"A" Levels
Sub games
Being Filmed
Deep Throat
BDSM (giving)
BDSM (receiving)
Rimming (giving)
Rimming (receiving)
Spanking (giving)
Spanking (receiving)
Domination (giving)
Domination (receiving)
Humiliation (receiving)
Humiliation (giving)
"A" Levels (at discretion)
Receiving Oral
Strap On
Foot Worship
Double Penetration
Pole Dancing
Face Sitting
Role Play & Fantasy
Tie & Tease
Anal Play
Penetration (Protected)
15 Mins "quickie"
Dinner Dates
Food Sex/Sploshing
Pussy Pumping
Sybian & Machine Sex
Disabled Clients
Hand Relief
Fingering/Finger Play
Silent Caller (Phone Chat)


The above rates are specified in GBP (British Pound).



Brisbane, Australia

Webcam via DirectCam
1.45 credit(s) per minute in Group Mode
2.51 credit(s) per minute in Private Mode
Phone chat via DirectChat (not available now)
1.50 credit(s) per minute, no need to book, you call a landline number (info)
Send me an email
(or email me without any of the protection offered by the site, via

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